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Traditional and the best at what it does.

by pantangelli at Citysearch

My family has been eating at Marin Joe's for over fifty years. Just because the style of cooking is traditional doesn't mean it's out of date. The portions arFlame.e substantial, the service is professional and the prices are reasonable . . . Adolph Della Santina started the restaurant in 1954. It's now owned and operated by his nephew's family. "Joe's" is a generic term for a restaurant specializing in a certain style of Italian-American cooking . . . You can't find a lot of these dishes anywhere other than Joe's - sauteed sweetbreads, chicken livers, roast veal, broiled half-chicken etc. . . If you want a medium rare cheesburger on sourdough with great fries, get over here.

Three generations enjoying Marin Joe's


I'm a fifth-generation San Franciscan and fourth-generation Marinite. My parents started us with Joe's in San Francisco when we were kids. So, of course, when I moved to Marin and saw Joe's in Corte Madera, well, there I was seeking my favorite "comfort food." Of course, I began bringing my daughter to Joe's as soon as she could hold a fork; now she invites me to join her at Joe's for that same "comfort food." There are lots of restaurants. We enjoy eating out -- as much as possible, actually -- but there are few places where you have the wonderful ambiance of a family restaurant where you can get a great cocktail, excellent lunches and dinners, and hugs from the wonderful family that own the restaurant. If you live in Marin, or if you are just passing through, do yourself a favor and stop by to learn what a "family restaurant" truly means.

I love Marin Joe's!

by august26 at Citysearch

I have been going to Marin Joes my whole life . . . 30 years! I love it. For Italian food in Marin, its one of the best. Its not a happening spot, seems like most of the clientele has been around for 3 times my life. My grandpa could fine a nice date there if he didn't have a girlfriend . . . and if your a little kid or have one, beware of cheek pinchers, there out to get some! People love Marin Joes, so there is usually a wait, to me. . . . worth it. The burgers are the best!