The Della Santina Family, noted Epicureans and recognized chefs, have associated with fine food and wines since the 1900's. Marin Joe's currently enjoys a reputation made famous by their outstanding Italian cuisine, first brought from the Great Tuscan kitchens of Lucca, Italy by Adolph Della Santina. 

Adolph Della Santina first bought a partnership in Original Joe's in the Marina District of San Francisco, a premier dining establishment, long since gone but remembered to this day with nostalgia.

With the noted architect Mario Gaidano, Adolph made plans, constructed, and opened his own restaurant Marin Joe's in May of 1954.  Adolph was joined by his nephew Romano who 1 year later became Partner in 1955.When Adolph was asked, how will we get people to come here to Corte Madera, to his restaurant on what was then a four lane Highway, Adolph answered " just put good food on the plate."

In 1982 Uncle Adolph sold his portion of his ownership to his nephew Romano and his nephew Quirico, who later left to start his own business in Sonoma. 

In 1984 Romano's oldest son Paul became a partner along with Gary Colburn who was "head broiler man" at the time. Gary died in 1997. Today Marin Joe's is solely owned by Romano and his two sons Paul and Ralph. They continue to follow old traditions with open eyes towards the future. Quality, consistency and service, these are the standards upheld by Marin Joe's. As Paul often states, "If it is not broken, don't fix it."

About Romano Della Santina

For his efforts in keeping its traditions alive, Romano has been honored by virtually every Italian American Organization. He is currently a member of and supports over 15 different organizations in the Bay Area alone. He is a gourmet chef of Italian foods and a connoisseur of fine wines.

For his efforts in keeping Italian-American traditions alive, Romano has been honored by the Government of Italy with the title of CAVALIERE, the highest Honor the Republic of Italy  can bestow.

Closer to home, he has been honored by virtually every Italian Organization in Marin County and San Francisco for having promoted his Italian Heritage. He was the founder of the Associazione Lucchesi Nel Mondo and its first President. He was also a founder of the Italian Athletic Club of Marin, and is a board member of the National Italian American Foundation. He has been Marin County’s Italian American Citizen of the Year and Citizen of the Year of the Cristoforo Colombo Club. He is a past President of the Scacciapensieri Club.